Publications In Print.

The following titles have been published by Viktoria Michaelis Enterprises and are available through good bookstores and our Internet shop. Titles are listed in reverse order of publication, newest first, and are in English unless otherwise stated.

Intimate, Discreet: Two Tales of Lesbian Erotica by Viktoria Michaelis. [Erotica]

“Please, don’t ask me to explain how it happened, I don’t know myself. Perhaps it was a late-night noise which awoke me from a pleasant dream; perhaps it was merely the need to see that everything was all right, that the windows were closed and the door to our shared apartment locked, or to get a drink from the communal kitchen. Perhaps it was the strange feeling that we were alone…”

ISBN: 978 1 910820 05 5

The Masonic Obligation by Lemniscate. [Freemasonry]

“Oaths, vows of fidelity, promises and pledges have a long cultural, political and judicial history but remain a controversial subject in all societies, especially when ethnic and religious differences prevent a person or group from swearing their individual or collective allegiance to a specific country, committing themselves to giving a true account of events, pledging allegiance to a certain way of life or binding themselves to keep information secret. Such oaths are often compelled by circumstances, by a need to hold a person true to their word or by a desire to unite them to a certain cause or group. They are also often misunderstood, not only in the manner in which they are linked to a deity or higher spiritual authority, but also in the possible consequences following a breach, a breaking of the promise which has been made. In effect, an oath, whether verbal or committed to paper, is a contract between parties wishing to work together which implies a degree of trust, of affiliation and, in some cases, subservience.”

ISBN: 978 1 910182 03 1.

A New Beginning by Viktoria Michaelis. [Short Story / Series]

“If I was going to follow the popular trend of Hollywood movies and build a few well-worn clichés into my story I would undoubtedly begin with a small group of people, clad all in black, huddled together and sheltering under umbrellas as the heavens pour their wrath down upon a funeral service, conducted in some desolate corner of a cemetery away from the rush of everyday life. I would have weeping women next to an open grave, men trying to appear strong by holding back their own bitter tears.”

A New Beginning is the first installment in the series Tales From Siebenmeier-Eichenwald.

ISBN: 978 1 910182 02 4.

The Temptation of Words by Viktoria Michaelis. [Short Story]

“A Million Minute Twinkling Mirrors of silver light greet the cold dawn as the first rays of sun pierce through the light mist lying at the base of the foothills. From the hills above it seems almost as if the fields have come alive with stars as slight breezes play through the long grasses, disturbing the silent activity of countless spiders and tiny creatures of the night, and rustle webs covered in the finest shimmering of dew.”

ISBN: 978 1 910182 01 7.

The Light Within. Zen Buddhism and Freemasonry: An Overview by Lemniscate. [Freemasonry / Spirituality]

“From the beginning of our short lives right through to the final end of our days, one thing accompanies us: Light. It is the one entity, the one power, which we unthinkingly recognize almost as a Right, a necessity of our existence which we cannot do without, with which there would be no life as we know and understand it.”

Seeking the path to the Inner Light and Enlightenment through Zen Buddhism and Freemasonry.

ISBN: 978 1 910182 00 0.

Works Due Publication.

Jonathan Swift by Christopher J. Macnab [Literary Criticism]

The Vanity Of Human Wishes by Christopher J. Macnab [Literary Criticism]

The Inevitable Fate of Mortals by Viktoria Michaelis. [Short Story]

“I am not a great reader, the business pages of any major newspaper tend to exhaust my level of concentration quite enough, so that the thought of following some writer’s chain of thought over four or five hundred pages fills me with something akin to dread, if not loathing, and I hurry by the stacks of bestsellers in railway station kiosks to buy my brand of cigarettes or seek out a magazine I can flick through in moments of boredom on long journeys.”

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