Viktoria Michaelis Enterprises publishes works in the following categories:


The Masonic tradition stretches back beyond the official formation of the first Grand Lodge in London in 1717, into the annals of ancient history, recorded or otherwise. It is an ideal which has been handed down from one Master – in the stonemason’s tradition and Guilds – to another, from one Master Mason to many others. For some it is a family tradition as much as a personal wish; the work on the self; the search for Enlightenment within the self; the search for a meaning and for the Light.

Likewise, the Anti-Masonic tradition is recorded in the annals of history, from the first Papal Bull – In eminenti apostolatus specula in 1738 – condemning Freemasonry and banning Roman Catholics from becoming members of the fraternity, through to the present day.

Freemasonry is for many, despite the wealth of literature available, a very hidden, almost secretive society surrounded by misunderstandings, by propaganda, by an unwillingness to talk or write over the innermost secrets it purports to reveal to its Brethren. In many countries it is still necessary for members to hide their adherence to the fraternity for fear of persecution and to meet in secret, practice their rituals and advance through the several Grades available in several different systems.

Our publishing aim lies in bringing out works of interest to both Masons and the general public from as many different viewpoints as possible, including those which set themselves against the society. Discussions on Ritual, Symbolism, Enlightenment, on personal experiences and explanations of the Workings as much as discourses on the darker side of Masonry are of interest, alongside works highlighting the aims and achievements of the society through the ages will be considered for publication.


The modern definition of Spirituality – as opposed to Spiritualism – is considered by many to be experiences and thoughts on all matters to do with life without necessarily including or being bound to a specific religious movement or direction and concerns more the mental or intellectual aspects of life rather than the material. It has been the source and inspiration of many great works from time immemorial and from the pens of some of the greatest philosophers, theologians and thinkers of all time, inspiring people to consider their own lives, their own aims in life and the ways of the society in which they live. Whilst Spirituality can be linked to various religious forms or movements, it is in essence a very personal experience, an individual path that each person seeks to follow.

Our publishing aim lies in bringing out works on Spiritualism which seek to explore the many facets of the human mind, of the direction individuals take through their lives and the innermost workings of their thoughts on being, on life, on the totality of existence, but without the dogmatic aspects and without telling anyone that one path is the correct one to take, one line of thought or explanation is the only true way.


Literature is open to very broad interpretation, with everything from works of fiction through to deep philosophical works presented in a fictional or biographical environment playing their part.

Our publishing aim lies in bringing out works on Literature and Literary Theory which tend towards the study of the art form, to interpretation rather than works of fiction, which further thought and discussion on the subject and present individual opinions on the art form itself, its past and future.


The spectrum of philosophy is exceptionally broad and covers practically every aspect of life, from the interpretation of the right way to live through to works covering transcendence, spirituality and society. Interpretations of classic and classical philosophy play as much a part in our modern world as newer works covering changes in society, how we live, religious beliefs, globalization and even the use of modern technology.

Our publishing aim lies in bringing out works which cause the reader to think, to consider, to evaluate their own opinions, beliefs and the manner in which they project themselves, the manner in which they view life and their own place in society as much as society as a whole.


Our publishing aim lies in bringing out well-crafted works of fiction, in all forms and across all genres, which take the reader out of their everyday lives and brings them completely within a new world, a new experience. The writings should be convincing as much as entertaining, true to life, an enhancement to the literary field as a whole. This field covers all forms of literary fiction, from crime through to historical romance and beyond.


There is a world of difference between what may be considered erotic and what falls under the category pornography. Erotica, when well written, plays with the mind, challenges the imagination and stimulates without the necessity to be brazen or necessarily explicit. Good erotic works – be they works of art or of literature – excite more than just the body, are more than just visual representations of the sexual act. Well-written erotica binds the reader with a storyline, with characterization, with an event or series of events beyond the physical.

Our publishing aim lies in bringing out works of a true erotic rather than a pornographic nature, with the emphasis on description, thought-provoking, enticing, deep. Pornographic works have their place elsewhere, erotic works should be those which do not cause the reader any form of embarrassment, which can be displayed on bookshelves without causing any concerns over what they say about the reader. Unnecessarily violent, incestuous, non-consensual relationships do not have a place within this category. Our interest in publishing the best works of modern erotica is all-encompassing and not limited to exclusively male / female.

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