Welcome to the Internet portal for Viktoria Michaelis Limited, a small press English-language publisher specializing in, but not limited to, essays and dissertations on Spirituality in all its forms, Freemasonry and the academic fields of Literary Theory, Literary Criticism and Philosophy and works of Creative Writing.

On the following pages you will find information about our publishing program and a complete list of all books either published or nearing completion plus details of how to contact us with ideas, extracts, general queries and comments. In the section News you will find updates on the progress of the company itself, information on new writers, publications plans and basic information on works which are nearing completion. Titles which have already been published may be purchased through our Shop portal.

In the section Publications you will find a complete list of works already published and those nearing completion as well as information on ordering published titles direct. In the section Submissions, authors will find information on submitting manuscripts for editorial consideration.

Our mission is to publish high quality writing from authors who, in a highly competitive marketplace, might not otherwise have a chance of being seen, recognized or having their shorter works published for consumption by a very selective audience. We are specifically interested in publishing essays by dedicated and knowledgeable writers who produce work of the highest caliber but are still trying to gain a foothold in the world of literature and learned writing. In an increasingly profit-orientated marketplace dominated by a few major publishers, where a portfolio of published works is considered a vital asset, works of shorter length are often relegated to anthologies and a limited number of monthly periodicals. Viktoria Michaelis Limited offers both new and experienced writers the chance to be published in book form, often for the first time, and prove themselves against more seasoned writers who have already made their name and who, for many, seem to be accepted for publication simply because of their name and the reputation which their name brings with it.

Our books are simple but effective, carefully laid out to ensure that it is the contents which are brought to the fore, the work of the writer rather than that of the printer, cover designer or publisher. They contain carefully crafted, well researched and knowledgeable works from people who truly care about what they write, who have an interest in their subject, in their characters, in the way they use words, and who do not shy from interacting with their audience or covering controversial subjects.

Viktoria Michaelis Limited is not a Vanity Press. Writers do not pay to have their works published here and are not required to make any financial contribution to the costs of editorial work, of production or sales. The only costs incurred for the writer seeking publication are in time, material and the cost of submission for editorial approval. At the same time, authors appreciate that their work is unlikely to make them rich overnight, that it may well make no financial return whatsoever, that it may even fail to cover the publishing costs.